Rowsley Update, Summer 2016

After the hubbub and excitement of the launch of 7828, thoughts may naturally veer towards launching into the next major project, but having the carriage shed at Rowsley vacant also offers the opportunity for some other valuable smaller projects. In the meantime 7828 has enjoyed use on dining and cream tea trains on Peak Rail, and appropriate to its era also being used during the 1940s weekend.

If it wans't for the the steel bridge this scene, of 7828 at Matlock during the 2016 1940s event, may very well be mistaken for one taken in the early 20th century
7828 at Matlock during the 2016 1940s event. If it wasn’t for the steel bridge in the background, this post-processed photo may very well be mistaken for one taken in the early 20th century. Photo © Alan Taylor


7828 departs Matlock Station
7828 departs Matlock Station

First into the shed after 7828’s outshopping was Peak Rail’s BR Mk2 BSO 9404 which was in for replacement of a window, minor bodywork repairs and a repaint to further protect refresh its external appearance.

BR Brake Second Open (BSO) 9404
BR Brake Second Open (BSO) 9404 in Matlock Station shortly after its repaint

Next into the shed is the one of the LMSCA’s own CCTs, 96430, which is to become a trim shop, enabling upholstery work to take place in a clean environment whilst other works can be concurrently carried out in the carriage shed.

Work on 94630 continues, with further updates to follow in the coming months


Society Spotlight: The Railway Correspondence and Travel Society (RCTS)

It was while browsing for photos of LMS carriages that I recently rediscovered to the RCTS website, and came upon some gems that are of particular interest to the LMS carriage restorer, within their carriage conundrums section.

Perhaps most relevant to the LMSCA is an article featuring our very own 27109, asking Where was LMSR TO 27109 hiding in the 1970’s & 1980’s? The article goes on further to query the possible uses of the other number known to be applied to this carriage, 65830. Answers on a postcard please.

LMS 27109 at Rowsley South
LMS 27109 at Rowsley South. © Derek Mason / LMSCA

Other LMS carriage conundrums include: Rannoch’s mystery carriage seeking the number of a carriage of LNWR origin, and Fisons Weedkilling Trains Carriages trying to establish the identity of several LMS carriages used in these trains in the 1970s.

Finally, we sadly visit the coaches that are with us no more, but nevertheless, it is important to record the history of their passing. LMSR/BR Non-Passenger Carrying Coaching Stock Disposals contains listings of disposals with some interesting snippets of information for LMS Traveling Post Office Vans, Gangwayed Passenger Brakes, General Utility Vans, Exhibition Vans, Gangwayed Insulated Cream Vans, and Steam Heating Generator Vans.

I extend a warm thank you to the RCTS, for sharing this valuable information with a wider audience.

eBay for Charity

The LMSCA is now registered with the PayPal Giving Fund and the connected programme eBay for Charity. This enables you to donate a percentage of proceeds from your eBay sales to the LMSCA, or if you are a buyer to make a donation to us when you purchase an item or at any other time. Please pop along to and add us as your favourite charity.

LMS Carriage Searcher Spring 1997

This was the second adventure to an area north of Aberdeen for the members of the LMS Carriage Association. As before the purpose was to try and find as many LMS carriage bodies in farmers’ fields with the aim of recovering spares to help with the restoration of carriages under its care.

This expedition was a far more fruitful trip with a large number of LMS carriages spotted and spares recovered. It turns out there were some historic finds in there too!

14th Carriage Restorers’ Convention

November 2013 saw the return to the annual carriage restorers convention to the National Railway Museum at York.

Stathis Tsolis of the NRM welcomes delegates to the 14th Carriage Restorers’ Convention

The weekend was focused around a number of presentations and practical demonstrations, along with networking opportunities and access to some of the heritage carriages (LMS 14241 & Topaz) not normally open to the public.

A demonstration of scumbling techniques by Mullins Studio.
Ian Matthews demonstrates lining using a coachliner brush and signwriting paint.
Stathis Tsolis shows the application of a varnish fix transfer. Further information can be found on the LMSCA website and NRM blog.

Presentations subjects included the restoration of the NER Railcar, water gilding, the Railway Heritage Registers Project, the NRM Carriages Illumination project, LNER restoration case studies, LMS 7828 restoration and Metropolitan Coach 353.

The NRM have produced a YouTube video summarising the event which can also be viewed on their blog.

LMS Carriage Searcher 1996

Back in the late 90s, word got around that there were old railway carriages to be found in farmer’s fields in the area to the north of Aberdeen. Many of which could yield spares to help with the restoration of carriages on preserved railways. With this new found information members of what was to become the LMS Carriage Association made the journey north to see what they could find. This video is of their first expedition into the unknown…

Carriage Preservation Roundup: Q3 2013

A roundup of online restoration news from the world of carriage preservation.

Welcome to the 3rd edition of this quarterly summary of carriage and wagon restoration news. Thank you to those who contacted me from the 1st and 2nd editions. If I have missed any groups out or if you have any information to add please do let me know, either by leaving a comment below or email website [at]


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