4,000 Holes in Blackburn Lancashire

John Lennon’s line from ‘A Day in the Life’ is reputed to refer to a newspaper report he saw about the state of the roads in Blackburn, well the LMSCA can beat that. We have done a ‘high-level desktop exercise’ as used in the HS2 cost estimates, OK the back of an envelope actually, and we reckon each side of the LMS Third Open 7828 at Rowsley has received approximately 3,000 1.5mm holes drilled in the beading to receive the pins which attach it to the bodyside, so about 6,000 in total. Just a few feet of beading remain to be fitted, and boy will we be glad when all the holes are filled and sanded! We are not sure how many holes remain in Blackburn’s roads…

Dave Winter

Michael Fearn leans out to admire the beading.
Michael Fearn leans out to admire the beading.

3 thoughts on “4,000 Holes in Blackburn Lancashire”

  1. That is looking excellent. Who’s that bloke hagging out the window? Is he waiting for the train to depart? Hehehe. Anyway, fantastic work. :). Hope to return and progress the doors….eeee….them doors!

  2. That is looking superb! Wooden bodied coaches are of fairly simple construction but there is so much of it! 4 wheelers are quicker, although you need twice as many!

  3. This is marvellous news – and it wont need doing again for “a while”. Can’t wait to see it. Where are you getting your bellows from?

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