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Welcome to the LMSCA Register of LMS Coaching Stock, a record of individual vehicles of LMS Coaching Stock categorised and hyperlinked in a way to make it easy to browse similar vehicles.

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Type your search term into the search box at the top right. This could be a number of a vehicle you are interested in (e.g. 7828), the diagram number (e.g. D1692) or any other piece of information that might be contained within these pages.

Browse the LMSCA Register

Browse the LMSCA Register
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  • Are there any inaccuracies or doubtful information?
  • Would you like me to prioritise the addition of a particular vehicle?
  • Do you own the copyright to photos of LMS Coaching Stock and wish to make these freely available to the LMSCA for use on the LMSCA Register?

Please let me know by emailing Michael on lmscawebsite [at] gmail.com

Definitions of LMS Coaching Stock and Scope of the LMSCA Register

Core definition — For the purists amongst us, LMS Coaching Stock will often be limited to the coaching stock designed and built for the London, Midland and Scottish Railway between 1923 and 1947. Many would also include the stock designed for the LMS that were built to those designs by British Railways into the 1950’s. The majority of these first two definitions are included in a series of books by David Jenkinson and Bob Essery.

Extended definition — To limit the scope of the LMSCA Register to just those definitions though would ignore the heritage and influence that the absorbed constituent companies would have had on the design of early LMS coaches, and the fact that the LMS continued to use and rebuild its absorbed coaching stock on services across its system. Therefore, I also include within the scope absorbed coaching stock, joint line stock., and stock acquired by the LMS.

Outside Scope — Coaching stock outside of the scope of the LMSCA Register would include that of the GWR, LNER and SR; coaching stock from constituent pre-grouping companies that was not absorbed by the LMS; and coaching stock from visiting trains over the LMS network. Whilst outside of scope, there may be some entries of this nature in the LMSCA Stocklist and where the vehicles are referenced in our newsletter, The Droplight.

The eagle eyed amongst you may notice that we just have the beginnings of what is within scope with 104 records for those meeting the core definition. For comparison as of 2020, the RHRP Carriage Survey contains records for over 250 surviving vehicles (including body only and underframe only) and for over 50 recorded as scrapped.