LMS Carriage Searcher Spring 1997

This was the second adventure to an area north of Aberdeen for the members of the LMS Carriage Association. As before the purpose was to try and find as many LMS carriage bodies in farmers’ fields with the aim of recovering spares to help with the restoration of carriages under its care.

This expedition was a far more fruitful trip with a large number of LMS carriages spotted and spares recovered. It turns out there were some historic finds in there too!

LMS Carriage Searcher 1996

Back in the late 90s, word got around that there were old railway carriages to be found in farmer’s fields in the area to the north of Aberdeen. Many of which could yield spares to help with the restoration of carriages on preserved railways. With this new found information members of what was to become the LMS Carriage Association made the journey north to see what they could find. This video is of their first expedition into the unknown…

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