Society Spotlight: The Railway Correspondence and Travel Society (RCTS)

It was while browsing for photos of LMS carriages that I recently rediscovered to the RCTS website, and came upon some gems that are of particular interest to the LMS carriage restorer, within their carriage conundrums section.

Perhaps most relevant to the LMSCA is an article featuring our very own 27109, asking Where was LMSR TO 27109 hiding in the 1970’s & 1980’s? The article goes on further to query the possible uses of the other number known to be applied to this carriage, 65830. Answers on a postcard please.

LMS 27109 at Rowsley South
LMS 27109 at Rowsley South. © Derek Mason / LMSCA

Other LMS carriage conundrums include: Rannoch’s mystery carriage seeking the number of a carriage of LNWR origin, and Fisons Weedkilling Trains Carriages trying to establish the identity of several LMS carriages used in these trains in the 1970s.

Finally, we sadly visit the coaches that are with us no more, but nevertheless, it is important to record the history of their passing. LMSR/BR Non-Passenger Carrying Coaching Stock Disposals contains listings of disposals with some interesting snippets of information for LMS Traveling Post Office Vans, Gangwayed Passenger Brakes, General Utility Vans, Exhibition Vans, Gangwayed Insulated Cream Vans, and Steam Heating Generator Vans.

I extend a warm thank you to the RCTS, for sharing this valuable information with a wider audience.

Derby 175: Carriage Building in Derby

2014 marks the 175th anniversary of the arrival of railways into Derby. In 1839 the first passenger services between Derby and Nottingham began. At the same time, workshops were set up by the North Midland Railway, the Midland Counties Railway and the Birmingham and Derby Railway near Derby station. These developed into a large complex of manufacturing facilities producing wagons, carriages and locomotives.

Today, the rail industry that is still located in Derby plays a vital role in supporting this country’s railways and also over seas. Derby is the only place in the UK that still designs and builds trains. It is also home to the largest cluster of rail-related companies in the world.

To help celebrate this occasion the LMS Carriage Association would like to share a bit of carriage building history. It is with the kind permission of the British Film Institute that we are able to bring you footage of carriage building in Derby. This was filmed at the Carriage works on Litchurch Lane in 1933, now owned by Bombardier.

Maybe you work there now? Maybe you recognised a relative? If so or you simply enjoyed the film, please leave a comment.

Links: Would you like to find out more information about the 175th Anniversary of railways in Derby or find out what is happening? Well, here are a few links that might be of interest.

BFI Corridor Third

Derby 175 Event Calendar ( no longer available by 2017)

Derby 175 Facebook Page (no longer available by 2017)

Derby 175 Twitter Page (internet archive page)

Midland Railway Study Centre Carriage Building Photos

Bombardier Future train build at Derby video

GOLD Derby Railway 175 Logo


LMS Carriage Searcher Spring 1997

This was the second adventure to an area north of Aberdeen for the members of the LMS Carriage Association. As before the purpose was to try and find as many LMS carriage bodies in farmers’ fields with the aim of recovering spares to help with the restoration of carriages under its care.

This expedition was a far more fruitful trip with a large number of LMS carriages spotted and spares recovered. It turns out there were some historic finds in there too!

LMS Carriage Searcher 1996

Back in the late 90s, word got around that there were old railway carriages to be found in farmer’s fields in the area to the north of Aberdeen. Many of which could yield spares to help with the restoration of carriages on preserved railways. With this new found information members of what was to become the LMS Carriage Association made the journey north to see what they could find. This video is of their first expedition into the unknown…

An introduction to the NRM online photo collection

The National Railway Museum have recently launched a railway photos section on their website, which of course includes some photos of interest in relation to LMS carriages.

This first five photos (NRM ref containing DY) illustrate various stages of the construction and assembly of railway carriages at Derby Carriage Works in Midland Railway days, prior to the formation of the LMS. The remaining photos (NRM ref containing W or WOL) show various stages of the construction and assembly of railway carriages at the ex-LNWR Wolverton Carriage Works in LMS days.

I hope this serves as a useful introduction to this valuable resource, and await with anticipation for the NRM to publish further photos from their archives.

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