LMS Period 1 Vestibule Third, 7828

On loan from the National Railway Museum since 2003, this LMS carriage, 7828, has been restored by a dedicated group of LMSCA volunteers. The carriage was built in 1925 at Derby’s Carriage and Wagon Works on Litchurch Lane. With restoration completed in its 91st year the transformation has been remarkable. Check out our teaser trailer below for a sneaky peak at the restored carriage.

7828 Teaser Trailer

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 16.26.17

The restoration of LMS 7828
in four minutes

The restoration of LMS 7828 in four minutes

7828 Runs into Matlock

LMS Carriage, 7828, runs into Matlock

Official Launch of 7828

3rd class travel, 1920s style
3rd class travel, 1920s style

LMS Carriage Association

The LMS Carriage Association (LMSCA) is a UK registered charity, number 1101275, whose charitable aims are to preserve and operate a representative collection of historical LMS passenger and non passenger coaching stock for use by and the education of the public.

In pursuance of these aims, the LMSCA and its members have acquired a number of vehicles, while restoration activities are based at the Rowsley South site on Peak Rail, (7828 Updates,) and more recently at the Wirksworth site on the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway (27001 & 27162 updates).

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