LMS Coach Codes

Generic Type BR Code LMS Code
First class vestibule carriages FO QL
Composite vestibule carriages CO VC
Third class vestibule carriages TO QF
Third class vestibule brake carriages BTO VH
First class corridor carriages FK CL
First class corridor brake carriages BFK E
Composite corridor carriages CK CBC
Composite corridor brake carriages BCK CBB
Third class corridor carriages TK CF
Third class corridor brake carriages BTK CH
First class non-corridor carriages F L
First class non-corridor carriages with lavatory FL LM
Composite non-corridor carriages C BC
Composite non-corridor carriages with lavatory CL L&C
Third class non-corridor carriages T F
Third class non-corridor brake carriages BT H
Third class non-corridor brake carriages with lavatory BTL LH
First class kitchen and dining carriages RF FIRST RKC
Composite kitchen and dining carriages RC COMPO RKC
Third class kitchen and dining carriages RT THIRD RKC
Unclassified kitchen and dining carriages RU COMMON RKC
Kitchen and buffet carriages RB or RKB BRC
Kitchen carriages RK KC
First class vestibule dining carriages RFO QL (DINING)
Composite vestibule dining carriages RCO VC (DINING)
Third class vestibule dining carriages RTO QF (DINING)
First class sleeping carriages SLF SC
Composite sleeping carriages SLC CSC
Third class sleeping carriages SLT SCT
Passenger rated full brake BG CBR
6-wheel passenger rated full brake BGZ CR

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