Restoration of 27162 (5)

The wooden framework is now substantially complete and the steel roof hoops have been fitted. We now await the arrival of the steel side panels which will then be welded to the existing panels. They will be fixed to the wooden frame using stainless steel screws.

The existing side panels have now been completely returned to bare metal and filled as required. Painting is now underway and the primer is being followed by the first maroon undercoat.

The sliding windows have been completely reglazed as almost all of the were original plate glass which did not withstand the heat of the fire. They have now been painted on the outer side and await fitting.

John Leather


27162 in partial primer               Existing bodywork in primer

P1010001                The wooden framework almost complete


27162 in partial primer and undercoat               Steel paneling in first undercoat


Sliding windows receiving a primer coat


Primer coat on the sliding windows













Sliding window in primer coat

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