14th Carriage Restorers’ Convention

November 2013 saw the return to the annual carriage restorers convention to the National Railway Museum at York.

Stathis Tsolis of the NRM welcomes delegates to the 14th Carriage Restorers’ Convention

The weekend was focused around a number of presentations and practical demonstrations, along with networking opportunities and access to some of the heritage carriages (LMS 14241 & Topaz) not normally open to the public.

A demonstration of scumbling techniques by Mullins Studio.
Ian Matthews demonstrates lining using a coachliner brush and signwriting paint.
Stathis Tsolis shows the application of a varnish fix transfer. Further information can be found on the LMSCA website and NRM blog.

Presentations subjects included the restoration of the NER Railcar, water gilding, the Railway Heritage Registers Project, the NRM Carriages Illumination project, LNER restoration case studies, LMS 7828 restoration and Metropolitan Coach 353.

The NRM have produced a YouTube video summarising the event which can also be viewed on their blog.

13th Carriage Restorers’ Convention

October 2012 saw the return of the Bluebell Railway Carriage & Wagon department as host to the 13th Carriage Restorers’ Convention. This has become an annual event where rolling stock groups and owners from Heritage Railways across the country congregate to share skills and ideas, and to partake in the ever important networking and catching up with one another.

Delegates arrive at the Bluebell’s impressive Carriage Workshop at Horsted Keynes

Demonstrations this year included resin casting of reproduction carriage and wagon plates, construction of replacement droplight frames, and testing the dynamos that generate electricity for power such as carriage lighting.

Detail of mortice and tenon used in droplight window frame construction
Adhesive, sealant and battery powered sealant gun used in droplight window frame construction
Dynamo test rig
Dynamo test rig and regulator

Opportunities were also taken to tour the carriage & wagon restoration and storage facilities, and the Bluebell line.

A view of the new 3-road (A, B & C) carriage shed at Sheffield Park
SECR 16358 receives a welcome coat of paint (Bluebell page)
A train about to depart from Horsted Keynes
Southern Railway Maunsell Carriage 6686 about to depart from Horsted Keynes (Bluebell link)
And finally, to bring a bit of an LMS theme, London & North Western Railway Observation Car 1503 inside the carriage shed at Sheffield Park (Bluebell link)


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