7828 – Sept 2014

The exterior beading has been painted black ready for lining, and the end and gangways have finally received Midland Maroon gloss. The fixed light windows have been fitted with the reproduced bolections and sealed in. The best of the old bolections have been put aside as spares for 7828- when refitting windows we . . . → Read More: 7828 – Sept 2014

7828 – May 2014


A month of careful finishing jobs- the pile of retrimmed seat sections is growing, both sides of the exterior have received 3 coats of Midland Maroon gloss, and the ceilings painted a final 2 coats of white enamel before the brass vent covers were applied.

The old floor covering has been removed ready . . . → Read More: 7828 – May 2014

7828 – April 2014



Overdue update. 2 new volunteers this month- welcome both.

Gangway now complete with bellows both footplates have been trial fitted and are now just off for painting. There are a few brass fittings to support the canvas curtain to put on, and the two stowage hooks for securing the gangway when . . . → Read More: 7828 – April 2014

7828 – Feb 2014

Cold and wet couple of months at Rowsley. The regulars keep pushing on with the restoration of 7828’s interior. The vestibule and luggage area ceilings have been treated to further paint, and further panel scraping has almost completed the removal of the old varnish. The old saloon lower panels had become a source . . . → Read More: 7828 – Feb 2014

7828 – Nov 2013


Steady progress over last month. Layers of undercoat- grey, pink and now red- on both sides of 7828. A final few coats on the roof with extra layers in strategic places has finished work above the cantrail. All four side doors have been adjusted and in the case of one, completely re-hung, . . . → Read More: 7828 – Nov 2013

7828 Heater Covers

Now that the heater pipes have been refitted to 7828, I have moved on to the cleaning and polishing of the heater covers.

Cleaned and polished heater cover in 7828

After many years of service and storage, the heater covers were of a blackened appearance, reminiscent of the condition they may have been in . . . → Read More: 7828 Heater Covers

7828 Beading


Beading filling completed during the week, then primed and undercoated. Some patches of brush filler applied to the panels and beading here and then, then the whole side sanded and undercoated in light grey. A few more areas attended to once this guide coat was in place, and then the side rubbed down . . . → Read More: 7828 Beading

7828 Gangway Rebuild

7828’s original south end gangway has been carefully dismantled, and the portal removed for storage along with the plastic curtain. The replacement from 8422, which is fitted with adaptor gear, had already been cleaned down, modifications removed, painted and had the normal pattern of top and bottom swivels fitted. With a pulley system fitted . . . → Read More: 7828 Gangway Rebuild

4,000 Holes in Blackburn Lancashire

John Lennon’s line from ‘A Day in the Life’ is reputed to refer to a newspaper report he saw about the state of the roads in Blackburn, well the LMSCA can beat that. We have done a ‘high-level desktop exercise’ as used in the HS2 cost estimates, OK the back of an envelope actually, and . . . → Read More: 4,000 Holes in Blackburn Lancashire

7828 Progess July 2013

Work continues on 7828. Despite the carriage shed becoming a sauna, the beading junctions have been fitted, sealed down, pins punched, filled and sanded. Half of the roof guttering has now been fitted, and the recently fitted roof ventilators have been glossed, along with the centre portion of the roof. Completion of the gutter allows . . . → Read More: 7828 Progess July 2013