M&GN 3 (MR Picnic Saloon MR D465) C8OhUp

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M&GN 3
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M&GN no. 3 at Weybourne Carriage Works, July 2012. (David Tillett)

IDs + Dates: MR 1616 (), M&GN 3 ().

LMS Type (BR Type):

TOPS Code:


Diagram: MR D465

Lot: MR 102

Built: Derby date, Location (rebuilt date)

Current Location: North Norfolk Railway

In Care of: Other Heritage Railway

In Care of Link: Vintage Set M&GN No 3 TZ

RHRP Link: MR 1616 Picnic Saloon (body only) built 1886 ~ MR 184 Six-wheel Full Brake (underframe only) built 1913


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