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Vehicle Status Code Key

Segment 1 Segment 2 Segment 3 Segment 4
Code Description Code Description Code Description Code Description
A Awaiting restoration 0 Not noted L LMSCA Rc Restoration under Cover
Au Alternative use or planned to not restore 1 1804-1875 (Pioneering) M LMSCA Member Ro Restoration Outside
B Being restored 2 1875-1922 (Pre-grouping) O Other Sc Storage under Cover
Bp Partially restored 3 1923-1947 (Grouping) Oh Other Heritage Railway So Storage Outside
C Completed restoration 4 1948-1969 British Railways Om Other Museum Up in Use in Public service
D Donor vehicle 5 1970-1989 (BREL) Op Other Private Owner Us in Use as Support vehicle
E Scrapped 6 1990-1999 (Privatisation) Or Other Rolling Stock Group
7 2000-2009 (1st decade of LMSCA) P Peak Rail plc
8 2010-2019 (2nd decade of LMSCA) Q Wyvernrail plc
9 2020-2029 (3rd decade of LMSCA)


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