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Originally constructed as a general utility van for British Railways by the Pressed Steel Company Ltd. to diagram 811. Renumbered 93183. Sold direct out of revenue earning service. Dimensions 57' 2" x 8' 9".

86183 is a British Railways standard design General Utility Van (GUV) of which many were constructed in the 1950s and 1960s, number 86183 was built in 1958. Constructed by the Pressed Steel Company Ltd. to diagram 811. Renumbered 93183, finally sold direct out of revenue earning service, no BR departmental or TOPS numbers allocated. Dimensions 57' 2" x 8' 9".

From the mid 1950s the General Utility Van (GUV) began to replace older pre-war passenger rated utility vehicles. From this time and until 1960 in excess of 980 were constructed to the design illustrated.

Their uses included the carriage of motor cars for which folding end doors and flat topped buffers were fitted. This enabled end loading and cars to be driven from one van into an adjacent similar one. Internally road vehicle floor anchorage points and folding parcel shelves were fitted, they could also be used as newspaper vans.

In later years the arrival of the ubiquitous British Railways Universal Trolley Equipment, better known as the 'BRUTE', gave the vans additional functionality, the van was also redesignated NKV. This was facilitated by removal of some of the standard equipment and the addition of heavy square section steel beams across each set of double doors, as is the case with 86183. This modification obviated the tendency of the 'BRUTE' to escape by breaking open the doors whilst the van was in motion.

86183 is vacuum braked, fitted with a belt driven 24 volt dynamo and regulator electrical system used for the internal tungsten lighting. This van was renumbered in the 1980s to 93183 due to the TOPS computer system requirements and as such was purchased for use as a shop for Peak Rail's Buxton site. After movement to Darley Dale in 1988, the van was used for Carriage and Wagon Department purposes. It was subsequently declared surplus and sold to the LMSCA in 1999. Interestingly the livery in which the van is illustrated was at one time intended to be Peak Rail's passenger stock livery!

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