999501 (LMS P3 (BR) Inspection Saloon D2046) A0OpSo

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IDs + Dates: 999501 (), DM999501 ().

LMS Type (BR Type):



Diagram: 2046

Lot: 3093

Built: 1957, Wolverton

Current Location: Peak Rail

In Care of: Other Private Owner

RHRP Carriage Survey Link: LMS 999501 Inspection Saloon built 1959

Departmentals Links: QXV DB 999501 - Inspection Saloon / 999501 / 999501a / 999501detail / 999501-2

Comments: DB999501 is not what it seems. A batch of these vehicles was constructed to LMS diagram 2046 (RCE District Engineers Saloon) on lot 3093 at Swindon in 1957. They appear very similar to their LMS cousins but have many detail differences not the least the interiors which are more akin to Mark 1 interior materials than those usually associated with LMS inspection saloons. However they do represent the last 'reproductions' of any LMS design brought into service with the nationalised railway.

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