9205 (LMS P3 Vestibule Third D1915) Au5PUs

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9205 (DM395923) at Rowsley South, 1/6/2019

IDs + Dates: 9205 (1936-1965), ADM395923 (1965-?).

LMS Type (BR Type): QF (TO)

TOPS code: QQV

Dimensions: 57' 0" x 9' 3"

Diagram: 1915

Lot no: 894

Built: 1936 LMS Derby C&W (rebuilt 1965)

Current Location: Peak Rail

In Care of: Peak Rail plc

RHRP Carriage Survey Link: LMS 9205 Third Open built 1936

Departmentals Links: QQV ADM 395923 - BTU Tool coach / 395923 / 395923a / 395923-2

Comments: Converted in 1965 to a Chief Mechanical and Electrical Engineers Breakdown Train Unit (BTU) Tool Van. In daily use by Peak Rail plc as part of its works train and as such no proposals will be developed for its restoration to original condition.

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