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7828 was an early LMS third open coach, built at Derby Works in 1925, to a design little modified from Midland Railway days.

It seats 56 passengers in two saloons, with a toilet and luggage shelves at each end. These are termed 'twin window' coaches, as each seating bay has two windows, one is fixed, one a 'droplight', similar to the window that can be 'dropped' in a door.

7828 was withdrawn from passenger use in 1962 but gained a further lease of life as part of the London Midland Region mobile control train, assembled to control and administer the country in the event of disaster. With the end of the Cold War it passed to the National Railway Museum in 1980. In conjunction with two other, similar vehicles, restoration was then started by apprentices at Derby Carriage and Wagon works with the intention of assembling a joint LMS/LNER main line set. Work completed at this time included some to the bogies and underframe, a rewire, and parts of the heating system were replaced. The interior was stripped and revarnished, reupholstered, and new linoleum fitted. The exterior panelling was repaired, and painted up to primer. The roof was recovered with the plastic type material used on box vans. With the introduction of the ban on further wooden framed coaches being registered for main line running, the restoration was halted with the work partially completed.

The LMSCA has undertaken to complete this restoration. With almost 20 years of storage since the earlier work the existing condition of the vehicle has suffered slightly. The plastic roof covering has not been watertight, and substantial rot exists in the softwood roof structure. The lino has lifted, and the upholstery has rotted in places. The interior varnish has blown slightly. The exterior panelling and beading is damp damaged. NRM volunteers have removed the seating and tables, and some interior fittings for storage. They have also removed the damaged ceiling panels.

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