3565 (LMS P1 Corridor Composite D1694) A0OpSo

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IDs + Dates: 9229 (), 3565 (), KDM395776 ().

LMS Type (BR Type): CBC (CK)

TOPS code: QPV

Dimensions: 32' 0" x 8' 0"

Diagram: 1694

Lot no: 120

Built: 1925 LMS Wolverton C&W

Current Location: Peak Rail

In Care of: Other Private Owner

Condition / Status (Date): Body only.

RHRP Carriage Survey Link: LMS 9229 Period 1 Corridor Composite built 1925

Departmentals Links: QPV KDM 395776 - S&T Staff & Dormitory coach / 395776 / 395776a / 395776b

Comments: On a previous visit to relatives at Aylesbury, one of our members was requested to take a photo of a period one CK in use at the railway station as a model railway clubhouse. Standing adjacent to the station, it was looking a little forlorn and (2002) out of use. In 2006 was acquired by a private individual and now located at the GC(Nottingham) Railway at Ruddington, and has since moved to Peak Rail.

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