31930 (LMS P3 Full Brake D2100) E8O

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(Derek Mason)

IDs + Dates: 31930 (), R90.

LMS Type (BR Type): (BG)

TOPS Code:

Dimensions: 57' x 9'0" x 12'4⅝"

Diagram: 2100

Lot: 1359

Built: 1944, Wolverton Carriage Works

Current Location: Carnforth (Scrapped)

RHRP Link: LMS 31930 Gangwayed Full Brake (body scrapped) built 1944 / LMS 31930 (?) Gangwayed Full Brake (part of underframe only) built 1944

Comments: One of two LMSR BGs at Carnforth, the one illustrated has been modified internally for accommodation purposes and also disguised externally for filming contracts.

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