27220 (LMS P3 Vestibule Third D1999) C6OhUp

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IDs + Dates: 27220 (), M27220M (), 27220 ().

LMS Type (BR Type):

Dimensions: 57' x 9,3" x 12'4⅝"

Diagram: D1999

Lot: 1401

Built: 1945, Wolverton Carriage Works

Current Location: Severn Valley Railway

In Care of: Other Heritage Railway

In Care of Link: SVR Wiki LMS 27220 Third Open

RHRP Link: LMS 27220 Third Open built 1945

Comments: 27220 was bought as part of a 'bulk' purchase of seven vehicles from Didcot by the Severn Valley Railway in 1968. Three post-war open thirds being 27220, together with 27218 (LMS P3 Vestibule Third D1999) C6OhUp and 27270 (LMS P3 Vestibule Third D1999) C6OhUp were part of this deal all were built at Wolverton between 1945-6. They have 56 seats with the two tiny toilets plus tip-up sinks at one end squeezed either side of the narrow corridor. All three of these coaches remain in regular service with the Severn Valley.

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