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A couple of years ago we made contact with the management of Rail Restorations North East and decided to approach them to see if they were interested. RRNE is a relative newcomer, discussions with the management and staff were very open and constructive. RRNE also had previous industrial experience with wooden framed vehicle body construction, recent specific experience with LMS carriage body restoration and a first hand appreciation of the railway preservation movement in general.

A specification was written for 27162's restoration which was later approved by the trustees and a subsequent site visit by RRNE to see the carriage and discuss terms took place. This resulted in 27162 being packed off on a Heanor Haulage lorry to Shildon Works on July 13th 2009, since then a lot has happened. Some of the tasks completed are listed below, they are not necessarily listed in the order in which they took place:

  • All exterior steel side and end panels removed and scrapped.
  • Gutters removed, stripped and refitted
  • All roof ventilators removed and old roof patches cut out
  • Gangways removed and refurbished
  • Wooden framework, cant rail and floor rail repaired, including new corner posts
  • Cleaning up of all wooden framework and treatment with wood preservative.
  • Manufacture and fitting of new knee irons, all framework securing bolts replaced
  • New steel panels cut and screwed to the ends and sides after first painting the interior faces with anti-corrosive paint.
  • New steel panels MIG welded at the seams, all welds dressed.
  • Roof ends removed, renewed and welded.
  • New timber edging under roof ends made and fitted
  • Holes cut in roof and ventilators refitted and sealed
  • Exterior doors repaired, re-panelled and rehung.
  • Hundreds of screw heads filled and sanded ready for painting
  • Pattern made for marking out holes to refit the brass window frames.
  • Window frames fitted and sealed to body panels
  • New door pillars and closures made and fitted.
  • New corner cappings made and fitted
  • New safety glass delivered for re-glazing
  • Safety glass fitted and sliding ventilators aligned.
  • Passenger communication equipment fitted
  • All exterior brass work fitted
  • Carriage body lifted to examine pivots, rubbing blocks and brake gear
  • Pivots and rubbing surfaces re-lubricated.
  • Roof and sides painted with anti-corrosive primer (3 coats), madder undercoat (2 coats) and madder gloss (2 coats)
  • New bellows made and fitted to refurbished gangway connections
  • The list of tasks is not exhaustive and there have been a number of other smaller tasks undertaken during the restoration.

The brass ware items removed whilst the carriage resided at Wirksworth have been refurbished by volunteers and delivered to RRNE as required. Further items required but not extant on the carriage such as the passenger emergency communication equipment (pass-com) have been made available from our comprehensive collection of items obtained from scrapped LMS carriages and grounded bodies in Scotland.

Importantly and to ensure that the project continued on course, we have made monthly visits to Shildon to review progress with the staff there and resolve any changing requirements and potential difficulties as they occurred. From the beginning we judged this aspect as being critical and it has ensured confidence levels have remained high. As a result work in progress has been positive at all times.

But of course all this is costing us a lot of money, the amount is not finally known but will certainly exceed £50,000. The initiation of the project itself has enabled LMSCA to become VAT registered thereby enabling us to reclaim the VAT on the restoration costs. The project has also generated considerable additional members' donations which may not have been forthcoming otherwise.

1. 17th August: On arrival at Shildon the steel sides and roof patches were removed and the wooden framwework allowed to 'settle' for about 2 weeks before repair work commenced.

2. 23rd September: All four corner pillars and some sections of framework were either beyond repair or missing due to previous modifications and had to be replaced. Re panelling the sides with 14 gauge steel sheet was under way.

3. 21st October: Steel panels have been screwed to the framework and the roof repairs completed. The corridor connection has been refurbished and filling the hundreds of countersunk screw holes has started.

4. 17th August: Classic signs of splitting on the main floor rail due to the expansive corrosion of steel bolts securing the knee irons.

5. 23rd September: The bottom of the door pillar secured back to the floor rail and the surrounding area restored with replacement wood spliced in and new knee irons fitted with plated bolts.

6. 9th December: Bodywork repairs are complete, window apertures cut out and the refurbished brass window frames fitted. The doors have been hung and fitted. A first coat of metal primer has been sprayed on to highlight surface imperfections, and final body filling is under way.


27162 was delivered back to Wirksworth from Shildon on the 30th March 2010, only 8 months after leaving. The refurbishment of the exterior bodywork is complete and the colour chosen to finish is 'Edinburgh Madder', slate grey roof and black ends. The carriage was placed on display at Wirksworth station during Easter weekend when many volunteers, members and the general public had the opportunity to inspect the work to date. The general public had no appreciation of the framework constructional methods employed and for them to compare this with photographs of similar carriages in their completed state created much interest. The weekend was very useful for us to meet with all these groups, some new members resulting.

27162 newly arrived from RRNE, Shildon after major bodywork restoration. Coupled next to inspection saloon 999504 at Wirksworth Station during the Easter Holiday. A small exhibition was set up inside and both were available for public viewing.

27162 is now coupled to 27001 and her internal restoration will soon begin. Our vision is to operate 27162 in the first train in about a year's time. We have a lot to do, but the consensus is that we can do it.

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