2300 (LMS P3 Corridor Third D2119) C5OhUp

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IDs + Dates: 2300 ().

LMS Type (BR Type):

Dimensions: 57' x 9'3" x 12'4⅝"

Diagram: D2119

Lot: 1407

Built: 1947, Derby Carriage and Wagon Works.

Current Location: Severn Valley Railway

In Care of: Other Heritage Railway

In Care of Link: SVR Trust Corridor Third No 2300 / SVR Wiki LMS Corridor Third 2300

RHRP Link: LMS 2300 Corridor Third built 1946

Comments: 2300 was purchased by the Severn Valley Railway from Bass Charrington's depot in Plymouth being completely stripped of all internal fittings. 2300's interior was eventually restored by utilising the interior from sister vehicle 13045 which being in much poorer condition was subsequently scrapped.

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