1641 (LMS P3 Corridor Third D1899) E6O

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DM395884 at Crewe South in the mid 90s.

IDs + Dates: 1641 (), E1641M (), DM395884 ().

LMS Type (BR Type):


Dimensions: 57' x 9'3" x 12'4¾"

Diagram: 1899

Lot: 796

Built: 1934, Derby (rebuilt in 1964 as Staff and Dormitory Coach)

Current Location: Crewe (Scrapped)

RHRP Link: No record found.

Departmentals Link: QPV DM 395884 CE Staff & Dormitory coach / DM395888 & 395884

Comments: DM395884 is pictured at Crewe South in the mid 90s. Originally a third corridor to diagram 1899 lot 796, built in 1934 and numbered 1641. It was one of two converted in 1964 as a Staff and Dormitory coach It was out of use as early as 1984 and is seen here stripped of any remaining useful parts awaiting the cutters torch.

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