Luggage Rack Netting

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See also

Learn to net by Rita Bartholomew — A guide to making nets on a website dedicated to nets, from fishing nets to fine lacework. Diamond Mesh Netting is the style for LMS and BR luggage rack netting.

Outhwaite ropemakers — This is one of the suppliers of suitable string. (3 x 12 string)

Carriage Preservation Pages: Beading Jigs ~ Carriage Roof Canvassing ~ Lining and Lettering ~ Luggage Rack Netting ~ Luggage Rack String Removal and Replacement ~ Varnish Fix Transfers ~ Wood Steam Bending
Technical Notes: TN1: Luggage Rack Netting ~ TN2: Basic Lining Techniques ~ TN3: n/a ~ TN4: Simple Beading Jigs ~ TN5: Carriage Roof Canvassing ~ TN6: Wood Steam Bending ~ TN7: Varnish Fix Transfers ~ TN8: Luggage Rack String Removal and Replacement