5987 (LMS P3 Corridor Third Brake D1968) C8OmSc

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5987 in the workshop at York Railway Museum, 25/8/2009
5987 at Carnforth

IDs + Dates: 5987 (), 5897 (2011), 5987 (2011-present).

LMS Type (BR Type): CH (BTK)

Dimensions: 57' x 9'3" x 12'4¼"

Diagram: 1968

Lot: 1035

Built: 1937, Derby

Current Location: National Railway Museum, York

In Care of: National Railway Museum

In Care of Link: London Midland & Scottish Railway 3rd Class brake corridor railway carriage

RHRP Carriage Survey Link: LMS 5987 Corridor Third Brake built 1937

Comments: Recovered intact from Ashford in the 1970s and subsequently restored to original condition, it was planned to use 5987 as part of the National Railway Museum's proposed LMS main line train which unfortunately for various reasons did not materialise. After restoration at Carnforth and years of storage there 5987 returned to the National Railway Museum early in 2001. Externally restored and repainted in coronation scot livery by 2011, and features in the NRM’s varnish fix transfers video.

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