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Originally constructed as a third class open carriage (TO) at the LMS Wolverton Carriage and Wagon works to diagram 1999. After withdrawal from revenue earning service, converted in the 1960s to static office accommodation. Carries the number 65830. Dimensions 57' 0" x 9' 0".

27109 (LMS code 'QF', BR code 'TO') was constructed as a third class vestibule carriage at the LMSR Wolverton Carriage and Wagon works to diagram 1999 and is one of a batch of 50 to lot 1400. After withdrawal from revenue earning service, converted in the 1960s to static office accommodation, carries the number 65830. Dimensions 57' 0" x 9' 0".

Languishing and totally exposed at the end of a long siding of two axle hopper wagons at the West Coast Railway Company's Carnforth base, 27109 was at that time one of the few remaining third opens not to be secured for preservation. It was subsequently acquired by the association in early 2000 and now has a brighter future. Interestingly, this batch were the first carriages constructed by the LMS after the end of the Second World War.

Seen from the other side after arrival at Rowsley. The period of time which has elapsed between the taking of this view and the one above is about two years. The deterioration between the two can be clearly seen. To arrest this the two Carnforth TOs are now covered by tarpaulins which is better than nothing, but they do not keep out all the wet and sunlight. Covered accommodation would be a much better long term solution.

The carriage structure is basically sound and fortunately few modifications were undertaken during conversion to office accommodation in the 1970s. Removal of major components and fittings consisted of seating and interior heating pipes. Additionally repanelling of the lower interior walls, new floor coverings and the fitting of fluorescent lighting were the only other changes. Substantially the carriage remains virtually as constructed and also more unusual for a departmental vehicle, retains both end corridor connections complete with sliding doors and also the two albeit stripped end vestibule toilet compartments. The lack of any fundamental structural modification enables its eventual restoration to original specification to be made much easier.

On arrival at Rowsley, floor coverings, broken glass and remaining fluorescent lighting fittings were removed together with copious amounts of other rubbish. The carriage is now secured against further deterioration and stored pending the commencement of its restoration.

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