Restoration of 27162 (6)

Since the last post in September the new steel panelling for the sides and roof at the south end has been completed. This includes the fixing of the panels to the wooden framework using stainless steel screws sealed in with an adhesive  The whole of the west side has been painted with primer and a first undercoat.

Internally the steel panelling has also been finished in primer and new wooden partition frames have been manufactured and installed.

Two external doors have been replaced having been refurbished and most of the sliding windows are now installed.

Much time and effort has been spent on refitting the guttering in order to be perfectly certain they do not leak and that there is no gap between the gutter and the body.  This was a problem following the first restoration.

The carriage will remain in the shed until the gangway is fitted, the roof vents fitted and the outside is completely painted.

It has not been possible to obtain a full side view recently due to another vehicle alongside 27162.


New body side and roof almost complete
Side panels fitted and the roof panels almost complete
Internal view showing new wooden framework and steel panelling


New roof paneling and preparation for fitting gutters
Guttering fitted showing stainless steel screws


East side in undercoat showing replacement door
West side painted in undercoat


Restoration of 27162 (5)

The wooden framework is now substantially complete and the steel roof hoops have been fitted. We now await the arrival of the steel side panels which will then be welded to the existing panels. They will be fixed to the wooden frame using stainless steel screws.

The existing side panels have now been completely returned to bare metal and filled as required. Painting is now underway and the primer is being followed by the first maroon undercoat.

The sliding windows have been completely reglazed as almost all of the were original plate glass which did not withstand the heat of the fire. They have now been painted on the outer side and await fitting.

John Leather


27162 in partial primer               Existing bodywork in primer

P1010001                The wooden framework almost complete


27162 in partial primer and undercoat               Steel paneling in first undercoat


Sliding windows receiving a primer coat


Primer coat on the sliding windows













Sliding window in primer coat

Restoration of 27162 (4)




Work on the framework has continued and the east side frame and cantrail has been fitted. The west side is currently being prepared  in the workshop. The gangway end has been refurbished and fitted temporarily to determine the position of the bolt holes.

In the meantime much effort has been spent in reglazing the sliding windows. This required dismantling of the brass frame by drilling out the fixing screws at one end after which it was necessary to apply sufficient heat to melt the solder holding the corners together. New rubber seals were purchased and the glass fitted with the help of liberal quantities of detergent. Further work on the replacement of windows is continuing.


Restoration of 27162 (2)

Progress on 27162 is continuing at a good pace.  Dismantling of damaged portion of the framework and roof is now complete and a start has been made on the replacement of the bottom rail. The new end framework is being manufactured off-site.  Some of the new floor boards can be seen in the picture which will be laid when the bottom rail is complete.

Meanwhile a start has been made on cleaning of the slider window frames and preparing for fitting of the windows.


27162 on 18th May 2013

Restoration of 27162

Work has now started on the restoration of LMS Third Open 27162 following the fire of October 2011
The work is being carried out by Lee Sharpe who is making steady progress in removing the damaged framework.  The work is being carried out in the WyvernRail maintenance shed at Wirksworth.

The picture below shows the extent of present progress.

Dismantling progress - 04-05-2013
Dismantling progress – 04-05-2013



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