A collection of some of the techniques and skills involved with carriage preservation and restoration.

  • Beading — Making jigs for use with a router.
  • Canvassing — Fitting a canvas to a wooden carriage or wagon roof.
  • Lettering and Lining — Basic techniques, varnish fix transfers.
  • Netting — Making nets that are ideal for luggage racks.
  • Toilet Tank Filling — Fitting an internal low level tank filling system to a carriage with roof filler.
  • Wood Bending — Using steam to help bend lengths of wood.

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Carriage Preservation Roundup

A roundup of online restoration news from the world of carriage (and wagon) preservation.

2013: Q1, Q2, Q3

External Links

Carriage Perservation — links to resources mentioned here, carriage preservation organisations, and carriage preservation overseas.

Carriage & Wagon Departments at Heritage Railways


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