10825 (LMS Medical Examination Car LYR D150) B0LRc

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10825 at Rowsley South, 5/5/2018

IDs + Dates: 247 (1910-1917), 5902 (1917-1923), 10825 (1923-), 45017 (), DM45017 (), 10825 (199?-present).

LMS Type (BR Type): Medical Examination Car


Built: date, Location (rebuilt date)

Current Location: Peak Rail

In Care of: LMSCA

RHRP Carriage Survey Link: LYR 247 TK, later Medical Officer's Saloon built 1910

Comments: Built as LYR D90 Corridor Third. Rebuilt as United States Ambulance Train Staff Car B for USAT 59. Rebuilt as LMS/LYR D150 Medical Examination Car. Withdrawn in 1971. To Severn Valley Railway To Dinting Railway Centre in 1974. To MOSI Manchester in 1990 where restoration for display was completed. To Rowsley in 2018.

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