Restoration of 27162 (6)

Since the last post in September the new steel panelling for the sides and roof at the south end has been completed. This includes the fixing of the panels to the wooden framework using stainless steel screws sealed in with an adhesive The whole of the west side has been painted with primer and a . . . → Read More: Restoration of 27162 (6)

7828 Progess July 2013

Work continues on 7828. Despite the carriage shed becoming a sauna, the beading junctions have been fitted, sealed down, pins punched, filled and sanded. Half of the roof guttering has now been fitted, and the recently fitted roof ventilators have been glossed, along with the centre portion of the roof. Completion of the gutter allows . . . → Read More: 7828 Progess July 2013

7828 Gets Heavier

















Every time we fit something back on LMS Third Open 7828 at Rowsley she looks better, she gets a bit heavier, and there is less ‘stuff’ to trip over. The roof ‘furniture’ is a case in point with . . . → Read More: 7828 Gets Heavier

7828 Ceiling & Torpedo Ventilators

Recent progress to report on 7828 includes…

7828’s ceiling looking resplendent in gloss white. © Alan Taylor


Torpedo ventilators on 7828 lined up ready for fitting. © Alan Taylor


. . . → Read More: 7828 Ceiling & Torpedo Ventilators


It has been a long job, but the entire ceiling has been painted in brush filler, laboriously rubbed down (thanks for your help Dave), and then the lighting patresses and beading fitted. As I write this, there are 6 pieces of beading left to screw in, the other 43 having been (in some cases quite . . . → Read More: Ceiling