Restoration of 27162 (5)

The wooden framework is now substantially complete and the steel roof hoops have been fitted. We now await the arrival of the steel side panels which will then be welded to the existing panels. They will be fixed to the wooden frame using stainless steel screws.

The existing side panels have now been completely returned . . . → Read More: Restoration of 27162 (5)

Restoration of 27162 (4)


Work on the framework has continued and the east side frame and cantrail has been fitted. The west side is currently being prepared in the workshop. The gangway end has been refurbished and fitted temporarily to determine the position of the bolt holes.

In the meantime much effort . . . → Read More: Restoration of 27162 (4)

Restoration of 27162 (3)

The new end frame has now been completed and the pictures below show it being fitted.

The new sections of cant rail are currently being made and will be fitted with the new side frame members over the next few weeks.


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Restoration of 27162 (2)

Progress on 27162 is continuing at a good pace. Dismantling of damaged portion of the framework and roof is now complete and a start has been made on the replacement of the bottom rail. The new end framework is being manufactured off-site. Some of the new floor boards can be seen in the picture which . . . → Read More: Restoration of 27162 (2)


The final piece of boxing-in

That should probably be ‘boxing-in day’ as the final pieces of tongue and groove boarding were fitted to 7828 at Rowsley. I’m not sure if boxing-in is the correct terminology, but it’s what we call the boarding that goes between the frame members on the inside of the coach. . . . → Read More: EARLY BOXING DAY FOR 7828 02 DEC 2012

7828 Frame Repairs Complete

At Rowsley the frame repairs on the NRM’s Third Open 7828 are at last complete aside from a few little tweaks. Ben Riley slogged away for hours trying to get a stubborn bolt out of the bottom rail at the toilet end, had a rest, Harvey Coppock came along and gave it a couple of . . . → Read More: 7828 Frame Repairs Complete

27162 Frame Repairs set to commence

As work continues to prepare Third Open 27162 for repairs to the framing , panelling and roof, following last October’s fire, plans are being drawn up to move the vehicle into the Maintenance Facility at Wirksworth on the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway.

If these plans go ahead on schedule, work should begin sometime in October 2012.

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7828 04/03/12

Well, here we are. Hopefully the first of many blogs to keep people up to date with progress at our two sites.

I was at Rowsley this Saturday (4/3/12) and made a bit of progress loose fitting some new framework to 7828. These will be replacement sections that go under the droplights. The previous framing . . . → Read More: 7828 04/03/12