Spot the Difference – the Wordy Bit

Somehow the text to accompany the photo of 7828 went into the ether – so here it is!

A milestone was reached in the restoration of the NRM’s LMS Third Open 7828 at Rowsley on the evening of Thursday 1st November when the final panel accepted its fate and bent to the typical LMS ‘tumblehome’ profile.  It seems to have been a long slog, but in fact it is just over a year since we turned 7828 on Rowsley turntable and started taking off the old panels and beading, the latter having been left on as a guide. As anticipated the frame on this side did not need as much repairing as the other side, but there was still plenty to do on the bottom rail and other horizontal sections. The new panels, which are 9mm WBP ply, were primed, undercoated and glossed on the interior side before fitting, the latter involving hundreds of Sheradised panel pins. Since then the new panels have received a coat of brushing filler, and two-pack filler in the panel joins and pin holes, and the long process of rubbing down has begun. You may wonder why we haven’t applied wood primer first, but a visit to the Carriage Convention at the Bluebell Railway (see a previous blog) revealed a very good finish on ply by using the filler first, after all, if you prime first you tend to sand most of it off!

Since putting the panels on several folk have commented ‘it’s starting to look like a coach now’ –  the restorers’ reaction is probably best left under a tarpaulin…

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